My history in a nutshell (in practical English)

I was born 1984 in Kurikka in Southern Ostrobothnia. Kurikka is a nice city having nowadays 14 500 inhabitants. All kind of services needed are nearby. I have a sister who is 13 years older than me, so I’m a so called night star of the family. My dad did his workcoureer as an office manager and my mother has had differend kind of jobs. Her final occupation was a practical nurse. My parents have already retired. My wife has graduated in spring 2008 and is a classroom teacher. I have graduated Bachelor of Social Sciences. 

I had a nice childhood. My parents always supported me what ever I wanted to do. I had many of hobbies: cross country skiing, football, icehockey, judo, Finnish baseball, running, swimming, drums and so on. My parents never told me that I should be at home or what I should do, if I just did my homework and was a so called good citizen. And of course they were both like me. If they weren’t with me in gametrips or driwing me to my hobbies, they were in their own hobbies, which mainly were sports. We also travelled a lot in Finland in holidays.
School was a place, which I liked very much. I wasn’t the best student or the modelstudent of my class but I was good in every subject and I think I was a student that teachers remember well. In good and in bad! As I remember them. I have always had much of oppinions and in junior high school I got more and more interested in society. I woke to notice the injustice of society at history lessons when I was about 13. After that I probaply knew what I would like to do when I would be adult, if I couldn’t make my way to NHL!
When moving to high school I then already knew that I would like to study politics after college and military service. 2001 when I was 17, I joined the True Finns Party and when I got my driwing lisence 2002, I soon started to go meetings of the party. In a short time I got different kind of places in the partyorgans and after my military service I was already running for the EU parliament in 2004. I didn’t get the place in the parliament but I did get the place at Jyväskylä University. Before military service I had once tried to get the place at University.
2004 I was also running for the city council of Kurikka and suprisingly I got elected. My party has never had a place in the city council of Kurikka before me. After that I have put more and more effort on politics but I have also been able to study. My studies have naturally taken more time than usually, but it has been worth of it. Sometimes it has been really rough, because I think I’m a real populist politician and there are always people in politics who try together to get rid of me and my party. Put I have used to it and it’s a very satisfying feeling when I can make something good and get people to understand how the politics are working. The best way to deal with the consencual politicians and traditional parties is to show them by amount of votes, that they can call names of us populists, but in the end they can’t do what ever they want to do by the power they have, when we are on the field.
Parliament elections in 2007 I got over 1500 votes and last European parliament elections 2009 almost 5000 votes. 2007-09 I worked among studies as a part time assistant to a member of parliament Timo Soini. 2009 I was also the press secretary in our Parliament group. When Soini got elected MEP we moved back to Southern Ostrobothnia and I worked as a part time local assistant to Soini since August 2009. Between September 2009 and April 2011 I also worked part-timely as an operating secretary in the party. In spring 2009 I got elected third vice chairman of the party, but 2011 after getting elected to a member of parliament I didn't tried to get a second season to lead. In parliament elections I got almost 8300 votes in the Vaasa voting area.  I travel a lot because of my work and "hobbies".
Our daughter Lilja was born in autumn 2009 and Sonja in spring 2012.